January 2021 17
Paciência é…
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Well, I had hoped to be able to tell you that my Seat Ibiza is equipped with Portuguese number plates, but unfortunately, that will take a while longer. Patience is … a virtue (and not

December 2020 24
Ways and waterways
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Yeah, my birthday present is on the wall! But that aside.Last week the Duartes were here, for some small jobs left and right, but mainly to bring gravel and repair the roads. Okay, little news

December 2020 01
The roof
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Ingredients: 3,000 roof tiles 3,000 screws 900 meters of battens 6 peanut butter sandwiches a lot of sweat and 1 crate of pale ale!

November 2020 16
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Wikipedia says about it: “Water (H2O; aqua or aq.) is the chemical compound of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Water occurs in nature in three different main phases: as a liquid, as a

November 2020 02
Entrance gate
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Second week of October, beautiful weather. Piles of weeds mowed, but the periódo critico lasted at least until October 15, so we were not allowed to burn yet. You know what, we’ll pack the camper

October 2020 20
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A flood has come down here today. But after storm Barbara came a golden yellow sunset with rainbow:

October 2020 09
The caravan
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Okay, so first you put the caravan in a place. Then you build all kinds of things around it and then you realize that it would be better for that thing to be on a

October 2020 02
Kitchen cabinet
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And so we step – after a day and a half of driving – from one life into the other. Four hands immediately started to itch! First unpack and tidy up the house. Then we

August 2020 11
Europe’s most famous secret
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Yesterday we were made aware of this article published by the Dutch “RTL Nieuws” about our beautiful new place of residence: https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/economie/life/artikel/5175314/algarve-portugal-vakantie-tips-dorpjes-stranden-lagos. Use Google Translate to read it!