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Ways and waterways

Yeah, my birthday present is on the wall! But that aside.
Last week the Duartes were here, for some small jobs left and right, but mainly to bring gravel and repair the roads. Okay, little news under the Picota sun, but we still like to see it change here. Pedro brought trucks full of gravel, José spread it with his excavator and Tiago stamped it with the vibratory roller. There is now a spacious parking space behind the gite and the entire terrace where the caravan is located is paved (enough space for another caravan!). The main thing is that the rainwater can be drained off properly, otherwise all gravel will be in the ravine at the next shower. Therefore, all roads and pavements are slightly skewed with a gutter at the bottom. And last Saturday the rain flowed merrily through these gutters!

Speaking of water. The water always flows merrily – summer and winter – through the small river that flows between our land and that of our German neighbors. About three weeks ago I carefully went that way with the brushcutter. Willy Nelson sings “going places I’ve never been before”. Well, we also discovered places on our own land, where we had not yet been. So we sent José that way. He put his excavator in the ground and yes, the water sprayed around again! We now have a kind of mud bath there and it will take a while before it is so dry that we can easily walk there and drive with the tractor. In any case, the plan is to make a footpath to the river, because it is beautiful there!

By the way, on Monday my Seat Ibiza will be equipped with Portuguese license plates! Next week I will tell you how that went. To be continued…


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