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Wikipedia says about it: “Water (H2O; aqua or aq.) is the chemical compound of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Water occurs in nature in three different main phases: as a liquid, as a solid and as a gas. All life on Earth consists largely of and depends on water. Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface. “

In our previous lives we were used to water coming from the tap. Here on Picota this is much less obvious. Perhaps half of the baby trees we planted, died last summer due to a lack of water, and the sown grass also looked sad almost everywhere. While there is enough water here! On those 65 days a year when the sun does not shine, the ocean brings in tons of water. José put his excavator in the mountain in February and a beautiful, small pond spontaneously arose where now many things grow and live. The river between us and the neighbors is also a constant stream of cheerful waterfalls, always in the green.

One of the projects in progress (Alex never does one thing at a time ;-)) is the construction of a water installation, which provides water for ourselves, water for the plants and a stock of extinguishing water. For the new plants and the grass there will be 1,800 meters of drip hoses, which will ensure that the roots of the plants do not dry out. We already had the basin with 40,000 liters of extinguishing water and next to it there will be a tank with 8,000 liters of filtered water for home use. Because yes, as real Dutch water managers we have to bring the water where it is needed!

The beautiful song accompanying this video is called “Fado das águas” and is sung by Ana Moura.


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