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Dec-6: The neighbours
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Instead of continuously boring your with stories about demolishing, building, cutting, pruning and the dogs, we want to tell you about the people around us. Starting with the direct neighbours. From left to right.

Pentti Lahtinen dropped by about two weeks ago with a box of chocolates. Good introduction. Pentti is a friendly, old man, widowed for two years. He and his wife Silja were planning to live here permanently, but sadly they were not given that time. Pentti is originally from Finland and lives near Atlanta, Georgia for most of the year. The house on the Picota will soon be on sale.

Harald en Christina bought their house here about two years ago. They are of our age and have decided to say goodbye to their hectic lives in Germany and to sell their house there. Christina is a biologist and she has resigned her job. She wants to do something with photography here in the Algarve. Harald is a chemist and can do much of his work remotely and online.

Senor Florival is the farmer who grew some vegetables on our land and housed his goats here. We hardly have any contact with Antonio, Florival and the Frenchman, except that we greet each other in passing.

Philip and Maggie are a retired couple from Great Britain. They bought the land with a small ruin about eight years ago and were allowed to build their new house as an “extension”. This design by (also our) architect Eric does not deserve a beauty prize in our opinion, but it is good to talk about taste. Maggie goes back and forth between here and the UK because of the grandchildren. Philip occasionally goes with her.

Lea en Michael are also from the United Kingdom. They have roamed the world for the past 20 years. Almost 10 years ago they bought their house on the Picota. Lea lives here permanently since five years and Michael has recently joined here, since his retirement. Michael’s son Rhys lives with them. Nice neighbors, who have helped us a lot with various things. And the other way around, because Michael is busy renovating their kitchen.

And then there is Mário en Sueli, who live in Monchique. Mário was born and raised in Monchique, she is from Brasil. Last January we slept in one of the apartments that they rent: Casa do Alto.  Their other gîte is Casa Vale dos Sobreiros. Beautiful, well-kept apartments, both for up to five people about five kilometers from us.


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