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Oct-15: The big day


The past week we spent searching for suppliers and requesting quotes. The Portuguese apparently have enough to do, because they are often hard to find. Both physically and on the internet. However, we did become a lot wiser. Some things are really expensive here, like – strangely enough – wood. In Monchique we found a few local stores, where we will almost certainly do business. It’s not what you know, but who you know, isn’t it?

Furthermore, we celebrated our holiday and played the tourist. Explored beaches and fishing villages and feasted our eyes looking at people who may be our future clientele. Ferragudo is our favorite so far, because the village still has a certain authenticity and you are allowed on the beach with your dog.


We went to the vet in Monchique, Dr Ana Silva. A friendly young lady who dedicates herself with heart and soul to all kinds of animals. She has a kennel where she houses stray dogs. We went there with one of her assistants. Under quite sad circumstances there are now four dogs there, two small and two large. We quickly agreed: if those two big dogs are still there when we come back from the Netherlands, they will come with us. The money of the jubilee week could be well spent here. To be continued next week.

And of course we have also been to our new place several times. We wonder how old the walls are and who lived there. Maybe our old, deaf Portuguese neighbor can tell us more …? The architect also finds this interesting and has offered to come with us to talk to him. In front of the house is a curious pile of stones, which form a kind of dolmen. There are old shoes in there and Alex also found a wine bottle with the inscription “1920 Aguardente”. It has a cork that smells like gasoline … What else are we going to find on the mountain? We can not wait!

Monday October 15

The big day started with a couple of birthday cards and a small gift from Alex: the Mercedes among the pruning shears. I’m going to need it! At 10 o’clock we were at the notary in Portimao. All together it took a little longer than we had expected, but at 12 o’clock we were outside with a signed purchase agreement! No time to celebrate, but quickly to the supplier of the solar panels. Carlos works there, who grew up in The Hague and speaks both Portuguese and Dutch. That makes conversation easy, although Carlos is somewhat long-winded (or are we impatient?). At half past 2 we were having lunch at a place that was recommended to us by an Englishman and where they serve as a main course only grilled frango. Yummy!


A round of local suppliers in Monchique. First to Luíz. That is the kind of store where they sell it all: water pipes, toilet bowls, couplings and cans of WD40. We had hoped that he would be able to deliver a skeptic tank soon, but unfortunately the delivery time is 2 – 3 weeks. Hmm, see if we can find it somewhere else. Across the street on to the Duarte family, who rent out excavators and deliver sand and gravel. Good conversation with father and son plus a glass of medronho. It tastes awful, but Alex was brave 😉

Third stop: Antonio Guerreiro. Mother and son, nice people, sold us two professional brushcutters including all accessories for a competitive price. Straight to the mountain to try out our new toys! We only had half an hour because at 5 o’clock we had an appointment with the architect. A sympathetic guy, born in Limoges (small world!) who will firstly arrange our residence permit and secondly the permit for the campsite.

And now we are – tired but satisfied – in our bungalow with a glass of wine. I did not take any pictures today, but maybe that’s for the best, because we had lousy Dutch weather today. You get a rain check!


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