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Oct-5: Sizzling

The journey

Here we are again! On Sunday, after the departure of Anouk & Rik, we closed the campsite and posted a sign on the fence that the Camping de la Rivière is open all year. Monday morning at 6:30 AM we drove the the small train out of Essubras. It was not easy: traffic jams near Bordeaux, lost each other on the toll road and a heat shield under the Kangoo that got half loose. Slept at a campsite near Salamanca, which was ok. On Tuesday the beautiful route via Cáceres, Badajoz and Beja made much good, despite a wrong turn and the rumble under the Kangoo. At 3:30 PM local time we were at Picota!


Slept well in our new Ikea bed and first thing on Wednesday we went to the EDP, the Portuguese energy company, to prepare the contract and the supply of electricity. A friendly lady promised us that the next day between 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM a technician would come and connect us. Great, that’s pretty fast! Shopping, unpacking, tidying up, saying hello to the neighbors and yes, on Thursday at 5:30 PM there was an EDP technician. He said he would need about an hour, which of course became two hours. Anyway, we had electricity! Well, “had” … Alex went to the bathroom at night, turned on the light in the bathroom and PANG, darkness!


Up at 6:15 AM in the morning. Measuring in the fuse box, it was a mess! And even worse: many devices that had been connected to the power were broken. DVD player, amplifier, various lamps and chargers for laptops and telephones … The installer, Arménio, was here at 9:00 AM. He fumbled around in the fuse box. Then he called the EDP and started the well-known game of whose fault this is. You can feel it coming; that will be a lot of bureaucratic hassle. We have sent a complaint to the EDP cc-ing the installer. See, most things are not new and easily replaceable, but it would still be nice if we got some money back from one or the other. The electricity works again, we have a freezer, a washing machine and a dryer and we will be very careful for the time being!



  • 26/10
    Good to hear that you arrived ok. As expected you got right down to work, well done !
    We like the photos . The terrace will be a great place to relax I’m sure.
    It’s rained a lot here, but today we have warm sunshine. Nothing has changed . Our terrace is still under construction, but Trevor got sidetracked after the harvest from the vegetable garden and is busy building g a fence around it. It’s very rustic ! He’s using the long branches from the trees which were cut last year. He’s ordered some sand and aggregate to start building around the terrace …a wall and piers to hold the roof. He’s also been busy in the barn putting down flooring board for storage. I’m busy with green tomatoes …making chutney.
    Good luck with the electric !
    Looking forward to seeing more photos.
    Best Wishes,

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