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Posted By : Hester
Nov-2: Cut and cover

Thanks to a few geeks, who have taken the trouble to share their experiences and knowledge on youtube, I have learned a little every day about my new toy in the last few days. And see the result here! In addition to my daily Spark practice, the work continued at full throttle. For me, that mainly means cutting, pruning and burning. The terraces are in sight again. Pedro is coming soon with a new, heavy excavator and he must be able to see where he is driving, pois não?

Then the carport. We call it a “technical installation for solar panels”. Here the caravan, the trailers, the van, the tractor and – not unimportantly – the firewood can stay dry. Building it was not easy, because most building materials are straight and everything is crooked here. Smuggling a little here and there with the spirit level. Well, this really happened: the spirit level is magnetic, Alex puts it aside, pushes the next steel profile into the still soft concrete, spirit level lost …

The terrace is also equipped with a roof. We have brought beams of eucalyptus wood (the video shows the dogs running after the delivery truck), but this supplier did not have a crane. It took some effort, sweat and swearing, but in the end we managed to put the more than 250 kilograms beam on the concrete pillars. Now some stucco, tiles and a beautiful bougainvillea. Can you already picture it?

And the planning? First finish our own quinta and the road there, so that we can live comfortably here – with or without a camping. No news from the architect about the permits. It doesn’t matter, we have the time!

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  • Love the terrace ! Can’t wait to see it covered in Bougainville
    We’ll done with the drone filming Hester….it’s lovely to see the whole area.
    Had to laugh at the losing of the spirit level 🙄😂😂

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