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March-21: Masks

How do you like our masks? Just kidding! We will not make any jokes about the mouth masks, which are now so much needed in healthcare. We are well aware that we are safe on the mountain and that this crisis hardly affects our lives here. We just continue cutting and mowing. And our architect Eric continues working on our project from his home. The topographer was here two weeks ago and that has yielded the picture below. The first contours of the camping pitches and all trees are on it! Eric will now submit the application for the camping permit.

Nothing goes wrong in terms of planning yet. We assume that we will return to France in 2-3 weeks and that we will open En Campagne on May 1st. We do pay attention to any stricter measures that limit our freedom of movement, because if they close the borders completely, we must ensure that we get to France as soon as possible. Hopefully the peak of the pandemic will be over in about three weeks and normal life will start again. We’ve emailed the ACSI hoping they’ll launch a campaign by then to send vacationers our way. We also hope that we will meet you in good health again soon!



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