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Mar-14: Moved

A lot has happened since the last blog. Most important news: we have moved! We have declared the ruins habitable, emptied the caravan and taken down the awning. We already slept in the house in our wonderful new bed. Now the bathroom is tiled, toilet and sinks installed, so we can shower etc. And the kitchen is installed. See the first photo: does it look familiar? Your entire floor strewn with cardboard, torn plastic bags, parts and tools? But we had a little rainy weather for two days and that was just enough. Those cute tiles still have to be put up, but for the photo I put a few on the counter.

We had asked Pedro if he could make time before March 18 to dig in the pipes. On that date the electrician comes with an army of about four to prepare everything for connection to the electricity network of the EDP. His timing couldn’t be better: last Monday he was here! Dug in the pipes and made a start with the roads we want to have build. Today he sent José with a smaller excavator. José has pulled a lot of acacia stumps out of the ground and has also done digging for the roads. He will continue tomorrow; progress is good!

You know Alex, he can’t sit still. In the meantime he has built a bed for Carlos and Pluto, finished the bathroom of the gite (has become beautiful!) and made a start there for a kitchen unit. Perhaps the gite can already be inhabited in the fall. And Alex has emptied about 10 cans of pur foam between the stones of which our house is built. It was a bit drafty and we came across some critters here and there. See photo of such a pet.

We also have fun sometimes, though. Patrick and Petra spend 12 days with Han en Emma in Silves and it was Petra’s birthday last Saturday. We celebrated with a super fun dinner in Marisqueira Rui, highly recommended. On Monday we had another meeting with Peter and Marjo and Patrick and Petra joined us. First at our house (take a good look at the photo, we roasted chourico on medronho, nice!) and then at de dames van Império, who are known for their grilled chicken.

Starting tomorrow, the municipality can issue fines if you do not have your grounds clean, so I did another day of sawing and burning. The terrain is gradually becoming cleaner, but it makes me sooo dirty !!

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