- October
Posted By : Hester
Kitchen cabinet

And so we step – after a day and a half of driving – from one life into the other. Four hands immediately started to itch! First unpack and tidy up the house. Then we made a start removing the weeds. At least, we can walk around the house now. Today – Friday – rain all day. The dogs are bored. Pluto especially wants to go for a long walk, but not in this weather! We busy ourselves doing indoor jobs: preparing the brushcutters, a final piece of En Campagne accounting, an offer for a group of campers for next summer, hanging up the extractor hood required for the permit. And we set up a cupboard together in the corner of the kitchen. Anyone who has ever been in the attic of gite La Tardoire might recognize it?



  • Looks like it belongs there !
    It’s been raining all day here too.
    Have a lovely winter and Spring in beautiful Monchique, we will miss you all.

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