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Jan-3: On the roof


The holidays are over. It was fun: a week of leaves raking, a to and fro to NL for Christmas and a few very nice days with Linda & Gary. On New Year’s Day we drove from Essubras to Monchique in 18 hours and that was the last time we did that all at once. Traffic was light, no traffic jams, but still: 1,535 kilometers in one day is too much. Carlos and Pluto have behaved very nicely in the back and they are happy to be home again!

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Operation “roof”

Anyway, the work on Picota continues and that means “operation roof”. On the right side of the house there is a roof of beams, slats and roof tiles. We want to insulate that part better and make it fire resistant. That means: pans off, foil on, then rockwool and then the same roof plates that we put on the left part of the house. The weather forecasts for the next week and a half are very good, so we have to take advantage of that!

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