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Jan-29: Waiting

Waiting takes a long time … And here in Portugal, where the credo is “calma, calma”, you have to be patient sometimes. The Duartes make us wait the longest. Great guys, doing a good job. They just cannot plan it. The large, new excavator was to come out way at the beginning of January. That thing has been doing nothing at our neighbors’ place since Christmas. Well, will you come and bring materials so that we can continue with the construction? Alex went to get the bulk of the required sand, gravel, concrete blocks, etc. himself …

Then Geota. Great guys too, we already learned a lot from them. Justin and Miguel had planned to come by two weeks ago. Waiting, waiting … I sent a message at 4:00 PM. They had a flat tire. These things happen. The new appointment has yet to be made …

Sometimes things cán go smoothly. Alex flew to the Netherlands last week and bought a Toyota Land Cruiser there! Nice car! Despite his 20 years, he is like new. There are still temporary Dutch license plates on it. Since Alex is a resident of France, they must be changed to French plates. And that can also take a while …





  • C’est la vie ! 🥴……..it’s a waiting game .
    It was nice to see Alex…..the new car is very nice 😉
    Hope you’re filling the time whilst you’re waiting 😊

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