Feb-7: CAT

That is how it always will go: after all that waiting, everything comes at once! Last Thursday we drove to Faro to get stuff from Leroy Merlin and Ikea. That means traveling all day. In the afternoon the gentleman of the gas installation called (we should only have that for the residence permit, a bit of a shame) that he was at our house. Okay, you know the way, go ahead and we will be there in 1.5 hours. Almost at home we saw that the excavator was no longer with the neighbors, but was on its way to us, finally!

It was foggy on Friday, but José went to work. First assignment: to make a road to the river so that we can get there with the tractor. Monday was a bright day and José and the CAT headed up. On Tuesday I thought I was filming the progress with the drone, but a gust of wind grabbed the plane and before I knew it, I had lost it! The DJI app on my phone keeps track of where the drone is and according to the last log it is about 600 meters from here, but searching for hours and hours yielded nothing. Two sleepless nights later we decided to buy another drone through the Portuguese marketplace. And so we were able to film this afternoon how José is constructing the second entrance and the terrace for the campers. What a mess, hey!

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