Feb-17: Planting trees

Justin from the Renature Monchique project brought us 250 baby trees and just as many bamboo sticks last week. Most have now been planted. On the video you have to watch carefully to see the babies and even the bamboo sticks. On the two new terraces we have more or less marked the places with bamboo sticks, but we have decided to plant there only in the autumn. It is now a desert and there is little chance that the baby trees will survive there. Would be a shame!

On the website of Renature Monchique there are a few very nice, professional videos that give a good impression of the project and the two mountains of Foia and Picota. Click on the banner at the bottom of this page. For the comparison I have added pictures here of how it was a year and a half ago. We are proud!


  1. It’s amazing ! You’re working very hard and it shows ! Congratulations.
    Can’t wait to see the trees in the ground …
    The weather looks wonderful.
    We are currently in the UK experiencing a storm !

  2. Hi Guys – This place looks magical! Can’t wait to stay with you when it’s all finished. We just made it back to the UK before the quarantine – lucky! Thanks again for your great hospitality.

    Matthew & Alex x

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