- November
Posted By : Hester
Entrance gate

Second week of October, beautiful weather. Piles of weeds mowed, but the periódo critico lasted at least until October 15, so we were not allowed to burn yet. You know what, we’ll pack the camper and be a tourist for a few days! Nice tour along Vila Nova de Milfontes, Sines, Troia, Cabo da Roca, Sintra, Nazaré, Evoramonte, Mertola and Alcoutim. What have we learned from this trip? To begin with, Portugal has a long, fascinating history and we are far from tired of this. We have also seen that we bought the most beautiful place in Portugal. And we learned about entrance gates. Especially in Alentejo – which often reminded us of our America trip – you see huge estates with nothing: dry grass with oak trees and skinny cows, and with an impressive entrance gate in front. Brimming with inspiration, Alex built a construction site on his return home, had gravel, sand and concrete blocks brought, and started building our own impressive entrance gate. The base stands. Now plastering and dressing nicely; that will be in a next blog!



  • Very impressive brick work Alex, and what beautiful weather.
    We too had a nice day today, warm enough for t shirts !
    We’re looking forward to seeing the entrance gates completed, but good work for now 👏👏👏
    As you know we’re back in lockdown, but it’s not so bad ….yet !
    Glad you found time to go camping too…..sounds really lovely. You deserved the break xx

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