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Oct-28: Digging, dogs and demolition


This week Pedro Duarte came from Monchique with his excavator. That was making good progress! First, he put the caravan exactly where we wanted it and then leveled out that terrace. After that he went to work near the gîte and on a lower terrace where he dug in the sceptic tank.

Pedro has 20 years of experience with this work and he is a great help. By the end of this week he will come back for another day of work. By then we must have cleaned four more terraces, which means we have to cut down all the trees. Pedro will extract the roots with his excavator. And because Alex is working on twelve other things, I took his big, bad brushcutter with saw blade and started cutting. Sweat on my back, but it looks good!

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Last Friday we had an appointment with Dr. Ana Silva, the vet in Monchique to pick up the dogs. She was happy that Carlos and Pluto – that is what we named them – are getting a new home and she was even happier with the donation. A considerable amount was put in the “hondenpot” and Dr. Ana said “thank you” and “bless you” at least ten times. She will spend the money on medication for the stray animals she shelters (she will send us photos) and probably to enlarge the kennel.-

Carlos is an oldie. He spent nearly three months – since the wildfires – in the shelter. He is very sweet, very skinny and still a bit timid. Pluto is a young Hungarian Vizla. He is playful, strong and loves to crawl on your lap. He growls at his own reflection, very funny!

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This week Alex has made a doorway between the old and the new part of the house. In the old part comes our kitchen, in the new part the sitting room with in the back of the house the bedroom. In the new part – the part of which the roof has collapsed – there were still a few walls. We demolished those today. There are beautiful tiles on the floor; those that are still in good order we probably want to reuse.

This afternoon we built two scaffolds, so that we can start to repare the roof. Good thing is, that when you do these jobs together, they seem to go three times as quickly! Dogs are always in your way (that is what they are supposed to do, don’t they?), so when Alex started to throw down the roof tiles, we put them on the chain.

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