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Posted By : Hester
Dec-8: Milestone

Yes, time flies when you’re having fun! In November we had a few rainy days and we were busy inside grouting. We do it ourselves, together. Goes pretty well and we have the time. On the beautiful days we play outside: pruning, cutting and burning. We figured that on the terraces we only want tents and small, light vehicles, because they are not made for the weight of e.g. campers. For the campers there will be around six pitches on the spot where until last week there was a half-burned acacia forest. That slope is finally empty, a milestone! On the video you can see all the wood that we have cut and the remains of what we have burnt.

Alex has now gone to France to rake leaves, but he was stranded last night with a broken dynamo near Valladolid. Monday is a national holiday in Spain, so he’s stuck until Tuesday. Hopefully he will be back before Christmas … Then we finish the stucco inside  and I will post a video of the result!

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