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Dec-20: Don’t stop me now!

Last week Pedro was here with his excavator and six trucks of gravel. In 6 hours he, his father and his brother paved the roads and terraces in front of the house. Very nice! Certainly because the weather was not so good since last weekend. This is actually good for the gravel to settle and when Alex came home on Wednesday – without any delay – it looked perfect. But a gush of water came down that night … The next morning we were shocked! Where the road has only a slight slope, the gravel was washed away. We spent the morning repairing and digging gutters. The next night again a lot of rain, but luckily the gutters helped to drain 90% of the water without damaging the roads. Well, it is still raining now, so – as promised – a video of the stucco.

Some other nice news. Justin, an ecologist working for GEOTA, visited us. Justin is project coordinator in the “Renature Monchique” project. We are going to participate in this project and that means that the acacias and eucalyptuses on our land will be replaced by native species, such as oak and medronhos. We will keep you informed!

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  • Happy Christmas to you all. Loving the blog.
    We’re in the UK right now, visiting family and enjoying the festivities.
    We wish you a very Happy New Year, and look forward to seeing the progress in 2020.
    Xx Trev & Elly

  • It’s very impressive ! Lovely space x
    What’s that you’re using on the stone walls ? Love the colour !

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