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Nov-25: Busy with everything

Right, what are we doing? A lot has happened since the last blog. We hear through the grapevine that people in the village say that we work so hard, that’s nice!


The house is closed. That was an important goal to be reached before going back to France mid-December. It has a roof and the doors and windows are in. Alex is now working on the sewage, water supply and electricity. That means digging out the floor and wheeling out the tamped goat shit of who-knows-how-many years. If all pipes are in the floor Pedro will bring sand, so we can make the floor neat and flat.

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Talking about Pedro. With his excavator he built part of our access road including drainage. That is necessary, because occasionally we get some heavy rain showers here. Last week, right after such a shower Pedro came to see how the new road endured and how urgent it was that he started on the second part of the road.

Well, very urgent, because he got stuck in the mud himself, hahaha! His papa had to come and rescue him. He immediately brought a load of “toutvenant”, which we ourselves raked out over the road. Comfortably in shorts and t-shirt 😉

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The August fires have caused – luckily for us – that cleaning the terrain is much easier, but there is still a lot of work to do. There are many (half) burned acacias, olives, fruit trees and medronhos (that is the local strawberry bush, of which people here distill a fire water with the same name). When the weather is half decent I dress up as sort of an alien with heavy work boots, ear protection, a mask and a harness, to which I attach the big brush cutter. Burning garden waste is allowed if you phone the bombeiros in advance (in Portuguese, pois pois!), so a few times a week we build a big fire.

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Now here is a question for you, please give your comments. Outside the kitchen window is a dead tree. I think it gives character to the view. Alex doesn’t like it. Should we cut it or leave it?

Carlos and Pluto

Last week we went to the vet to get the boys their second vaccination and Dr. Ana examined Carlos’ blood, because he didn’t seem very happy. Fortunately he turns out to be very healthy. He needs some more time to adjust to his new home. Which probably isn’t easy with a rascal like Pluto around …!

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