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Jan-21: Bed, flowers and trees


Our caravan is very comfortable, but we did notice that the bed was not made to be used for longer than a few weeks. Especially if you ask as much of your backs as we do. Between Loulé and Faro there is a brand new Ikea, which is open seven days a week until 10 PM. In the beds department we met a salesperson who knew what he was talking about. Alex and I agreed quickly and an hour later we were outside with a new HIDRASUND bed, new bedding and two cuddly toys for the dogs. See picture of the result. High, eh!


In the Netherlands it freezes and you think about iceskating. And if we told you that the Odelouca lake is frozen? Then that is fake news !! Because here it is springtime. Everything grows and flowers. All kinds of special plants and flowers, which we did not know yet. Some plants have a medicinal effect, we learn from Mário’s father. The terraces are full of yellow and purple flowers. In the sheltered corners are special yuca-like sprits. Where there is a lot of water, mint grows in abundance and we have also come across a few arums.


While the oaks turn green again, the cutting of acacias and eucalyptus continues. Mário and his father have also spent a lot of hours on cutting acacias. Papa Joaquim is 76 and born and raised in the Serra de Monchique. He knows a lot about the flora, fauna and how it used to be here, how people used to build and why. Moreover, he understands – just like his son – that you have to talk to us slowly and clearly (he does not speak English, Mario does), so we learn some Portuguese as well!

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