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Posted By : Hester
Oct-5: Back on Picota

On Wednesday and Thursday we drove the whole train from Essubras to Silves, 1.554 kilometers. First stop was Vilar Formoso, where we – after a nice meal (frango for Alex and robala, sea bass for Hes) – slept like babies in our caravan. When we woke up, three pups and their mother were running around. We almost packed them up as presents, but we managed to control ourselves 😉

The next day we were at Emma and Han’s place around 4 pm. Amsterdam cosiness and convenience. The bungalow we rented is small, but comfortable and has everything we need. We slept wonderfully for over 10 hours and then drove to Monchique as fast as we could!

Yes, it is black, but now we could actually see what we bought. And it is even more beautiful than we thought! A lot of work has burned, but there is still plenty to do. Cut down several hundreds of eucalyptus trees for starters. Excavate some parts, deposit gravel, construct septic tank, restore the ruins. We will enjoy ourselves; another 10 days and we can get started!

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