March-25: Impression

An impression. The first pictures were taken in May/June 2018. Then, when we came back in October everything was black, because of the wildfires in August. Both ruins are now inhabitable and we did the obligatory cleaning of the terrain. Another season on En Campagne awaits. This story will be continued in October.

Mar-14: Moved

A lot has happened since the last blog. Most important news: we have moved! We have declared the ruins habitable, emptied the caravan and taken down the awning. We already slept in the house in our wonderful new bed. Now the bathroom is tiled, toilet and sinks installed, so we can shower etc. And the […]

Mar-4: Spontaneous

Peter and Marjo Saturday morning Peter and Marjo called. In the wintertime they have stayed for years on the camping Quinta de Odelouca, not too far from here. We had plans to go to the Feira dos Enchidos in Monchique. “Is that a very cultural event?” Peter asked. “No, gastronomic”, I said. “In that case we […]