Jan-21: Bed, flowers and trees

Bed Our caravan is very comfortable, but we did notice that the bed was not made to be used for longer than a few weeks. Especially if you ask as much of your backs as we do. Between Loulé and Faro there is a brand new Ikea, which is open seven days a week until […]

Jan-8: It’s a wrap!

The roof One of the most important parts, of course. And it is preferable to make a roof before it starts raining, so we have made it fast this week! On Tuesday morning Antonio came to bring the roof plates and seven hours later they were – provisionally bolted – on the roofs of the […]

Jan-3: On the roof

Vacation The holidays are over. It was fun: a week of leaves raking, a to and fro to NL for Christmas and a few very nice days with Linda & Gary. On New Year’s Day we drove from Essubras to Monchique in 18 hours and that was the last time we did that all at […]