Oct-28: Digging, dogs and demolition

Digging This week Pedro Duarte came from Monchique with his excavator. That was making good progress! First, he put the caravan exactly where we wanted it and then leveled out that terrace. After that he went to work near the gîte and on a lower terrace where he dug in the sceptic tank. Pedro has […]

Oct-15: The big day

Shopping The past week we spent searching for suppliers and requesting quotes. The Portuguese apparently have enough to do, because they are often hard to find. Both physically and on the internet. However, we did become a lot wiser. Some things are really expensive here, like – strangely enough – wood. In Monchique we found a […]

Oct-5: Back on Picota

On Wednesday and Thursday we drove the whole train from Essubras to Silves, 1.554 kilometers. First stop was Vilar Formoso, where we – after a nice meal (frango for Alex and robala, sea bass for Hes) – slept like babies in our caravan. When we woke up, three pups and their mother were running around. We […]